About Maggie Journal

Maggie Journal is an independent journal of live art curated and published in Melbourne, Australia.

Since launching in December 2014, we have collaborated with over 60 writers, artists and creatives on a range of projects, including a one-off fashion exhibit for MSFW 2015.

We pride ourselves on producing content that is original, engaging and packed full of all the spontaneity and humour of performance itself.

Although we are based in Melbourne, we are interested in performance artwork across Australia and the world. In fact, several members of our team are based interstate or overseas. This means we are able to produce on-the-ground coverage for many international live art events.

The driving force behind Maggie Journal is our passion for making writers, artists and creatives of all kinds feel valued and appreciated for the work they produce. We express this passion through our innovative Professional Development Program (PDP), a six-month apprenticeship that provides professional training, monthly workshops, and several other benefits not offered in traditional ‘work-for-free’ internships.

If you want to know more about Maggie Journal, read our History page. If you are interested in joining our team, there is more information on our Contribute page. If you have another equiry, please feel free to get in touch: info@maggiejournal.com

Maggie Journal is an independent online journal of live art.